Calvin Winey

Realtor/Sales Associate
Office: 603-753-8555603-753-8555
Cell: 603-769-7547603-769-7547
Calvin was born and raised in Anchorage Alaska in a household there real estate as a family business. My father, Cal Winey Jr ran the major real estate school and owned a number of rental properties giving me an exposure to real estate. My father believed that kids should work so I spent my teen years maintaining rental properties and helping with the school. I got my first real estate license when I graduated from high school, but rather than activate it I moved to Boston to attend college where I majored in Mechanical engineering. I have worked as an engineer in New Hampshire for 30 years and resided in Peterborough for the last 20. I bought my first house in the early 80's and now own several rental properties as well. When buying property for myself, my philosophy has been look for properties with values below market and with potential for sweat equity improvements.
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